The Church of England prays for Zambia.

By Abigail Chaponda in London, United Kingdom

 The Church of England on Tuesday prayed for Zambia and its leaders and prayed that Zambians maybe bound by a common purpose. 

 An Evensong was held at the Westminster Abbey to mark Zambia’s 54th Independence and the focus of the service was to pray for Zambia, its leaders and people.

During the intercession prayers, the church asked God to grant Zambian leaders wisdom as they lead the people.

“We pray for Zambia and its leaders. God grant wisdom to its leaders. Give prosperity, integrity and discernment to the leaders as they lead the people of Zambia. As they celebrate their national day give them peace and blessing. Bless its leaders, the High Commissioner, diplomatic staff and Zambians who live here in the UK,” the church prayed.

The High Commissioner read the second lesson which came from the book of Luke chapter 13:10-17. The service was attended by all Mission staff, Members of the Catholic Church (Zambian Chaplaincy) lead by Fr. Henry Mobela and some Zambians who are based in the UK.

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Abigail Chaponda

Abigail Chaponda is a Zambian Journalist currently working as the First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian Embassy in United Kingdom

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