The arrest was  for conducting a peaceful protest – Siame

 The arrest was  for conducting a peaceful protest – Siame

The opposition Economic Freedom fighters (EFF) Secretary General Changala Siame says  that the   police detained him and party President Kasonde Mwenda  for conducting a peaceful lone protest at the Freedom statue in Kitwe.

Mr Siame said that the detention was from 14:00 hours up to 18:00hours.

He has maintained that  the protest was not an assembly that warranted a notice from the police.

“ Yes we were detained by the police for conducting a peaceful protest, the issue was that  we did not  notify them, but according to the law if you are less than seven people there’s no need for a notice unless 7 people and above,” he said.

Reacting to the arrest of EFF President, the opposition Green party Leader Peter Sinkamba has implored UPND to speak one language in regards to freedom of expression.

Mr Sinkamba has urged the UPND government not to allow some police officers during their reign to execute duties contrary to what President Hakainde Hichilema has been preaching.

He said detaining the EFF leader and his Secretary General clearly shows that police did not follow what the Public Order Act stipulates.