Teachers to pay practicing fees through payroll deduction

 Teachers to pay practicing fees through payroll deduction

Teaching Council of Zambia ( TCZ ) Registrar Ebby Mubanga says the council has made payroll deduction arrangements with PMEC to enable teachers to pay for their practicing licenses through the payroll deductions in a space of three years.

Dr Mubanga said when he officiated at the launch of the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) Payment through Payroll Management Establishment Control (PMEC).

“ The payroll deduction is for teachers in government institutions who have not paid for practicing certificates, “ he said.

Every teacher in the country is expected to be registered and issued with a practicing certificate.

“The law states that a teacher shall apply to the council for a practicing certificate in the prescribed manner and form upon payment of the prescribed fee” Dr. Mubanga said.

19000 out of the 133,190 registered teachers have applied for the practicing certificates

The practicing certificate is valid for three years after which certified or licensed teachers are mandated to renew.

And Dr Mubanga says that continuing Professional Development (CPD) by teachers is a bedrock of professionalizing teaching.

“The CPD process needs to be attractive and available to all teachers regardless of their geographical location and positions held, “he said.

The registrar said that CPD is vehicle through which the teaching profession is nurtured and it needs to be done thoughtfully.

The Teaching Council of Zambia is mandated to regulate the teaching profession in the best interest of the Zambian community.

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