Teachers day should bring a fresh start-NAQEZ

 Teachers day should bring a fresh start-NAQEZ

National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) is calling for a fresh start for teachers in Zambia as they celebrate Teachers day tomorrow.

NAQEZ Executive Director Aaron Chansa said that instead of having tradition speeches and matches, it is expected of Government to share a clear roadmap on issues affecting public and private school teachers.

Mr Chansa said teachers cannot continue on this path where the most important profession is neglected.
He said that thousands of teachers are living in substandard houses because their housing allowance is too small for decent accommodation.

“More than 90% of Zambian teachers are heavily indebted, mostly because of economic pressures they face every day. Even when they further their education at great personal cost, they are not upgraded in correct salary scales.

“NAQEZ is aware that thousands of teachers in Zambia are highly demotivated because they have been acting in positions for years especially in upgraded schools, without being confirmed,” he said.

Mr Chansa said the situation with private school teachers is worse, their conditions of work are pathetic and the Ministry of Labour has never been interested in their plight.

He said NAQEZ returns maximum confidence that the UPND administration can craft a new and exciting narrative for Zambian teachers, starting tomorrow.

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