Take Covid-19 Vaccine information to your Chiefdoms- Copperbelt PS

 Take Covid-19 Vaccine information to your Chiefdoms- Copperbelt PS

Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe says that Chiefs are the custodians of the people and Government will rely on them to advise the people in their Chiefdoms to take the vaccine.

Mr Nundwe said that government thought it is prudent to give information about the vaccine to the royal Highnesses and later to their subjects in the Lamba land.

The PS was speaking at a Traditional Leaders engagement meeting for Copperbelt chiefs, organized by the ministry of Health and USAID discovery life project.

He said Government recognizes the importance of the rural communities headed by the royal highnesses who can propel the information of the vaccine in their chiefdoms.

Mr Nundwe said that the vaccine is safe and people should get it to prevent the spread of the virus.

He has also directed the Provincial Health Director to increase access points for the people not to walk long distances to access the facilities.

Mr Nundwe said that no leader would want to bring something harmful to their people and the response by the chiefs was impressive.

He said the meeting with the chiefs is important because the entire global has been affected and compounded by covid-19.

The PS said Covid-19 should not be taken lightly because people are dying every day and Zambia has not been spared.

Mr Nundwe said that the reason why government has fought hard to bring on board the vaccine with the cooperating partner like the USAID to ensure that people are protected.

And Copperbelt Province Health Director Robert Zulu said that bringing the chiefs on board will help to making the process easy for the rural based community to be vaccinated.

Dr Zulu said that a lot have come on board and they is a demand in terms of people getting vaccinated.

He said there are using a multi-sectorial approach in sensitization the people in markets and other place.

Dr Zulu was speaking in a speech read on his behalf by Copperbelt Clinical Care Specialist Dr Justor Banda he said the vaccine has come at a better time hence all should vaccinate to reduce the severity of the virus.

And USAID Regional Director Discover Health Dariot Mumba said that said a lot need to be done because Covid-19 has the potential to push nations back hence the need to partner and find solutions.

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