Sweden freezes Aid to Zambia Over Corruption

 Sweden freezes Aid to Zambia Over Corruption

Sweden has become the latest country to freeze aid to Zambia over suspected misuse of funds within Social Cash Transfer programme in Zambia.

Finland, Great Britain and Ireland are also suspending their support.

Sweden supports cash transfers to the poorest and most vulnerable in Zambia through the Social Cash Transfer programme.

Increasing evidence suggests that cash transfers is an effective means to combatting poverty.

The poor and vulnerable get increased possibilities to make economic decisions over, for instance, minor investments in their household or towards increased productivity in their farming, buying more nutritious food or to pay for school fees. A high proportion of the beneficiaries are women.

After strong suspicions concerning misuse of funds within the social cash transfers, Sida and the other donors have frozen the use of funds.

Problems within the programme were discovered during the spring of 2018, but not until August were there suspicions of misuse of funds.

Source: https://www.sida.se/English/press/current-topics-archive/2018/sida-freezes-support-over-suspected-misuse-of-funds-in-zambia/

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