Support the president for him to turn economic tables

 Support the president for him to turn economic tables

NAREP President Stephen Nyirenda says that Zambians must realize that President Hakainde Hichilema alone will not have it easy to turn the economic tables without their patience and support.

Mr Nyirenda said the situation will even worsen if the new President entertains the idea of recycling persons who have already been tried, tested and failed to deliver in and or with past regimes.

He said Zambians should be considered first and given friendly and conducive environments to make decisions for Zambian interests and not personal benefits as was the case with the previous regime.

Mr Nyirenda said as promised he should allow freedom of operations in institutions such as the judiciary, the public and private media, the defense and allow agencies such as the ACC, Dec to operate independently and he should promote a zero tolerance to corruption starting with the Civil service.

He said Mr Hichilema should also be open to professional advice and should surround himself with people with a heart for the masses.

“As an opposition, our goal is not to frustrate but offer checks and balances in a mature and reasonable way,” he said.

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