Supermarkets should adhere to Covid-19 guidelines- Muyembe

 Supermarkets should adhere to Covid-19 guidelines- Muyembe

The Economics Association of Zambia(EAZ) Copperbelt Chairperson Mathews Muyembe has called on supermarkets to adhere to covid-19 guidelines as recommended by the ministry of health.

Mr Muyembe said that supermarkets need to protect the lives of consumers as opposed to making profit alone.

“As we have seen the impact of Covid-19, it is gradually eating away our skilled labour, in as much as we want to continue in business, it is important that we partner with Government and obligate their efforts in ensuring that the health guidelines is adhered to and ensure that there’s minimal exposure to Covid-19,” he said.

He said some supermarkets like Luanshya Shoprite exposed their customers in long cue without social distancing, due to the number of tills working.

Mr Muyembe has appealed to Shoprite Zambia, pick ‘n’ pay and other multinational companies to comply with the same protocols they have in South Africa and India.

“Government and local law enforcers should ensure   that the people coming to invest in the economy are not only interested in maximizing their profits or extending their international markets but ensure responsibility in the way they engage or  interact with consumers,” he said.