Sunday Chanda committed to lobby for development of Kanchibiya

 Sunday Chanda committed to lobby for development of Kanchibiya

Kanchibiya Constituency Member of Parliament Sunday  Chanda has committed to lobbying for the rehabilitation of roads, bridges, schools, communication towers, health facilities, women and youth empowerment for Kanchibiya Constituency from Government in line with the ruling party’s manifesto.

Mr Chanda said he expects that President Hakainde Hichilema will build on where President Edgar Lungu left by considering all parts of the country including Kanchibiya District.

He has since called on President Hichilema to priorities rural development and creation of sustainable local economies for areas such as Kanchibiya as a sure way of creating better livelihoods for all Zambians.

“Kanchibiya is known for its farming and agricultural industrial potential. President Hichilema must make it a point that rural areas like Kanchibiya District benefit from the distribution of wealth by Central Government. Having being brought up in a village, we think the President will appreciate the need for strong rural economic development”,  he said.

“My style of politics is development-centred. We want to attract investment to Kanchibiya District, especially in agriculture and agro-based industries. In order for this investment to come, Government will need to invest in bituminous and feeder roads, bridges, communication towers, and other requisite infrastructure in Kanchibiya District. Aimed at ensuring that development is brought closer to the people.” He added.

Mr Chanda has also announced the First-ever Kanchibiya Agribusiness Investment Expo scheduled for April 2022 and targeting local and foreign investors.

The Kanchibiya elected Member of Parliament has also promised to mobilize the resources required to electrify Chambeshi Primary School and ensure a steady supply of water by the end of September 2021.

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