Substantial amounts of money under CDF set aside -HH

 Substantial amounts of money under CDF set aside -HH

President Hakainde Hichilema has assured Zambians that the new administration has set aside substantial amounts of money under the Community Development Fund (CDF) towards the provision of loans for small scale Market traders in order to grow their businesses and income.

Speaking when he toured Luburma and Katungu markets in Lusaka where he was drumming up support for UPND Kabwata Parliamentary Candidate Andrew Tayengwa, President Hichilema reaffirmed his commitment of growing a culture of entrepreneurship in order to grow the private sector.

President Hichilema said that he will not live to see under his watch political cadres misbehaving and beating other citizens in the name of a political party.

“The country’s market traders for a long time failed to migrate from small scale to middle class business people due to lack of incentives, so my Government will ensure that the status quo changes as part of its empowerment program,” he said.

And The President Hichilema called on the Zambia police to protect all citizens regardless of political affiliation.

The Head of state said he will ensure that all trading spaces are conducive for business.