Substandard structures in Town worry Chingola Mayor

 Substandard structures in Town worry Chingola Mayor

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo says the trend in which the people living in Town Centre are erecting substandard chicken runs and servant quarters within their yards is worrying.

Mr Tembo said that Town Centre is looking dirt because of substandard structures that people have started erecting inside their yards.

The Mayor said this during a full council meeting on Friday that people should not hide in poverty by erecting buildings inside their yards in the name of making a living out of it.

He said that Town Centre should be controlled by the Council to prevent it from having substandard structures.

Mr Tembo said the Council should maintain the beauty of the town and not letting it look dirty.

“I have noted with serious concern that Town Centre is looking filth by these illegal structures around it and you councilors are doing nothing about it. And if we let this trend continue, the Town Centre will be like a shanty compound,” he said.

He said that the council wants to make Chingola a city by 2030 and those substandard structures will not be allowed.

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