Student loan isn’t bursary-Antonio Mwanza

Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says all those students that accessed loans must pay back.

Making his Facebook post, Mr Mwanza said that those that accessed student loan, it is only morally and legally correct that you pay back.

“A loan is not a bursary. It must be paid back. The conditions of the loans and the repayment mode are very elaborate. The loan scheme was pushed some of us who realised how corrupt, limited and inaccessible the Bursary Scheme was.

“Many people couldn’t access bursaries due to insufficient funds from government, the overly – centralised nature of the Bursary and sheer corruption hence we who were concerned with giving every deserving student a right to education fought for the scrapping off of the Bursary and the introduction of the loans to increase access and stump out corruption,” he said.

He said student loans are a common and effective way of helping the larger constituent of students; access higher education hence it is the most practiced form of sponsorship the world over.

Mr Mwanza the former students’ President at University of Zambia said student loans are meant to act as revolving funds.

He said aim is to help create opportunity and sponsorship for the next generation of students; hence those who get loans must repay to create for others the same opportunity Government created for them.

Recently Government announced a recovery plan of students loan starting this month.

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