Stop using voters to fight battles

 Stop using voters to fight battles
Dear Editor
I write to appeal to politicians to stop the tendency of using us the voters to fight their battles when it suits them.
Zambia is a very peaceful nation not because of politicians but because of the tolerance most well meaning Zambians have attached to divergent views, especially when it comes to the governance of this great nation.
It is however unfortunate that politicians want to divide this country for their own political expedience at any slight given opportunity.
All politicians should resolve to be serving the people of this nation and not to get rich because that is the reason some want to be in leadership perpetually.
I have noted with dismay the way our politicians are trying at all cost to accuse other of insulting when actually the words used were not at all insulative and actually known to the perpetrators who decide to use us to arise against one another.
Let us understand that Zambia is a multi lingua nation that has several languages that should not be misinterpreted or directly translated without deep understanding, just because one wants to sway our attention.
It is for this reason that as we head towards a general elections, those who aspire to stand to be elected as leaders in 2021 should resolve not to insight Zambians or indeed surrogate organisations to rise against one another but to unite.
Those are the tenets of credible leadership. By the way, “Munyoko” is a Tonga word meaning a friend and is being used by some people to insinuate that it is an insult when not.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer

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