Stealing from CDF K25.7 million is working against Govt

 Stealing from CDF K25.7 million is working against Govt

UPND Alliance partner, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has said Government’s good will to increase CDF allocation to K25.7 Million will require measures that ensure prudent utilization of the financial resource in the respective constituencies.

MDC Vice President for Politics Leonard Hikaumba said the New Dawn Government’s budget is unprecedented and as an alliance partner, they would like to see the monies allocated to CDF put to good use.

Mr Hikaumba said the UPND Alliance does not want to have any of the allocated funds diverted or stolen because this will work against the good intentions of the government.

He said citizens in their respective constituencies also have a responsibility to reciprocate government’s good will to work hard in order for the country to attain economic independence.

Mr Hikaumba said the 2022 national budget already appears too good to be true by some people because they can not believe that such a milestone could be recorded.

He also said that Zambians should not worry about how the 2022 national budget will be implemented because at the time of drafting the budget, the Minister already knew how this would be financed.

And Mr Hikaumba said the New Dawn government’s budget responds to the campaign promises among them the recruitment of 30,000 unemployed teachers and over 11,000 healthcare workers who have been roaming the street without jobs for a long time.

He said with the coming of this unprecedented recruitment of teachers, the country will see an improvement of service delivery in the education and health sector sectors.

He also said the pronouncement on the payment of arrears owed to retirees are all campaign promises that were made by the UPND Alliance while in the opposition.

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