Startling stats of women in leadership in Zambia

 Startling stats of women in leadership in Zambia

Dear Editor,

I just want to share with you the startling statistics of elected women in leadership in Zambia.

Out of 1,624 Councillors, only 128 are women.

Out of 156 Members of Parliament, only 30 are women and out of 114 council chairpersons and mayors, only eight are women.

Such glaring statistics in a country where women are actually more than men.

Women representation in our political leadership is not only a crisis but a scandal in this country.

We are so gender insensitive and yet we cry at the underdevelopment of our country.

How can we develop when the other sex is left out in the governance and development process of our country?

Yes many women fail to avail themselves for political leadership due to the insults and violence in our politics, among many things.

But a few of us have braved the brutal Zambian political environment, and we are saying that we are ready, qualified and credible to take up some of these leadership positions.

Lusaka needs a mother, Lusaka needs a woman for credible, accountable and good governance of the greater city of Lusaka.

Saboi Imboela

DC Mayoral candidate for Lusaka

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