Speed up the Children’s code bill-ACJ

 Speed up the Children’s code bill-ACJ

By Maimbo Mweemba
Advocacy for Child Justice (ACJ) has called on the Government to speed up the process of finalising the Children’s Code Bill, which is meant to promote the welfare of children in Zambia.

ACJ Executive Director Josephat Njobvu says the Children’s Code Bill has progressive provisions that will protect children against any form of abuse.

Mr Njobvu said enacting the bill into law will ensure that children enjoy their rights, while protecting them from any form of abuse.

He said sexual abuse and compromising children’s rights to privacy and confidentiality as some of the forms of abuse that are currently on the rise in Zambia.

Mr Njobvu said that once passed, the bill will make sure that the best interest of a child is always prioritised in any decision making process involving children.