Sorry Peter Sinkamba-Emmanuel Mwamba

 Sorry Peter Sinkamba-Emmanuel Mwamba

Peter Sinkamba was right

In 2013, a Kitwe based social activist, entrepreneur and budding politician called for Zambia to legalise the cultivation, trade and export of marijuana or cannabis for medicinal and industrial purposes.

He said Zambia needed to take advantage of the multi billion dollar legal farming and trade of the crop before the world woke up to its herbal benefits.

He also called for its decriminalization.

His name is Peter Sinkamba.

He fervently believed in the idea that he proceeded to form a political party called ‘Green Party’, to promote the idea.

We called him all sorts of names.

Now government has finally announced that Cabinet has approved the process to legalise the controlled cultivation and export trade of cannabis and hemp for medicinal and industrial use.

During this festive season and as we seek forgiveness, and as we forgive others, let us ask for singular forgiveness from Mr. Sinkamba for the ridicule, shame, insults and sour opinions we showered on this man as a collective lynching mob!

It’s not always correct that the majority is right and Peter Sinkamba has shown it!

Bravo Mr. Peter Sinkamba for refusing to stand down despite threats of arrests, banning and insults.

Bane, me I ask for forgiveness??, Will you?

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