Sometimes leadership demands that you take people where they ought to be and not where they want to be

 Sometimes leadership demands that you take people where they ought to be and not where they want to be

Rev Clifford Chisha

By Rev.Clifford Chisha

Wisdom,courage and vision are a great combination of the things that a leader needs to possess and exhibit.

A leader should know where he or she is taking the people and why.
It’s not always that people will be comfortable going to where the leader wants to lead them.

If a leader knows the way and the benefits of following that path,he should not give up when people register their displeasure.
Instead, the leader should employ wisdom and great courage.

“So they said one to another, “Let us appoint a [new] leader and return to Egypt.””

The children of Israel rebelled against their leader Moses and against God because of the bad report which was brought by some spies.
Majority of the spies gave a bad report and the people got scared.
They got discouraged and were not ready to confront the people who were in Canaan.

Returning to Egypt was suggested by the people out of fear.They even proposed to choose another leader.

They forgot that Canaan was their promised land.

It was a tough situation for Moses.

As leaders,we sometimes find ourselves in similar situations.
The people we lead,as a result of fear or negative influence,sometimes want to be where they ought not to be.

We should endeavour to lead people to where they ought to be.
This,however, may require the employment of great diplomacy and courage.

Moses knew that God was involved and that could have been a source of strength.Infact,it was God who asked Moses to send spies.
Spies were not sent to assess whether to go to Canaan or not.
Spies were sent to help the children of Israel prepare well for a raid and probably get motivated by the fact that the land was very fertile.
God had already given them victory.

You can lead people to where they don’t want to go but ought to be.
Some people always want a challenge free journey and enjoy the comfort zone.

My leader,where people want to be may not always be the best place for them.
Find a way of taking them to a better place.

In organisations,people usually propose that you revert to the old way of doing things because of not being ready to face new challenges.
Sometimes,it’s as a result of negative influence.
Some people are just allergic to change.

Be bold my fellow leader,seek wisdom and use it.
Some people will try to steal your thunder when you get to “Canaan” as a victorious team.
Some will thank you and pray that you quickly forget about their skepticism or rebellion.

Be courageous my fellow leader.Do not be discouraged,you have a vision.
Yes, you have a great assignment.
Keep on keeping on

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.