Some private hospitals, clinics delay to refer Covid-19 suspect

 Some private hospitals, clinics delay to refer Covid-19 suspect

Medical for Quality Healthcare in Zambia (MQHZ) says it is shocked with reports that some private Hospitals and Clinics are still delaying to refer suspected of COVID-19 cases to testing centers.

MQHZ said those institutions know quiet well that they have no capacity to handle these cases.

MQHZ Director General Quince Mwabu said the  as an organization that promote quality Healthcare in Zambia would like to warn all private health facilities which are in in this habit to desist from it.

Dr Mwaba said all suspected corona cases should be referred  to Covid treatment centers.

He said if this behavior will not stop, corona virus cases will go unabetted.

“If these health facilities will continue on this dangerous path ,MQHZ will be forced to engage the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) so that these institutions can have their licences revoked,” he said.

“We wish to acknowledge the exemplary manner in which the ministry has handled this pandemic, beginning with information dissemination, accurate reporting of all relevant statistics, clinical activities and general guidance to the citizenry. With more concerted national efforts, we are very confident that Zambia shall soon overcome COVID 19. MQHZ will continue working closely with the Ministry of Health in the quest to achieve not just universal health coverage by 2030, but a quality system that brings health services as close to the people as possible,” he said.

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