Some Councillors are shameless

 Some Councillors are shameless

Dear Editor,

I write with shame how some civic leaders have failed to lead to the aspirations of their voters with developmental projects in their wards.

It is even more embarrassing that a civic leader will go to the media and to start  praising oneself about developmental projects being done by government that are none of his initiative like the L400 and Link Zambia projects.

To me, a civic leaders should point at a project initiated and being undertaken by him.

People are undergoing a lot of challenges with garbage, water, impassable roads in some Townships that need a councilor’s initiative.

Yet more than three years in office, some Councillors have nothing to point at as their projects in their wards.

Some Townships roads are not on the L400 list and therefore need a Councilor’s initiative to work on them than pointing at a few that are being done by government through L400 that is not your project.

I warn you, don’t come kneeling down if you are such a letdown leader asking for a second chance because your campaign team will have tough time.

And this goes to the adoption process committees not to use under hand methods for adoptions in 2021 elections but listen to the people and adopt a people’s choice because 2021 elections will be unique in nature.

We have previously been voting on political party lines yet 2021 elections will be about leadership performance.

Wisdom Muyunda


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