Solwezi’s Chimwenu Women Club Shares out over K200, 000

 Solwezi’s Chimwenu Women Club Shares out over K200, 000

Solwezi Municipal Council is delight with Chimwenu Community Club members for their commitment to generating a total of K234, 260.00 from K117, 860.00 which was saved from August 2020.

Speaking during the village banking share out for Chimwenu Community Club which consists of 32 members, Acting Director Housing and Social Services Ms Evelyn Phiri reaffirmed the Local Authority’s commitment to empowering women in the district with various skills aimed at improving their livelihood.

Ms Phiri said that village banking empowers low income community members who cannot access loans from lending institutions due to complicated procedures to access loans within their communities and engage in business activities.

“The department of Housing and Social Services has lined up a number of programs for women, youths and men in skills development that are aimed at empowering communities in the district with survival skills,  the Council has constructed four community centres in Kimasala, Kamalamba, Tumvwanganai and Sandangombe wards where women can access skills which will further improve their living standards,” she said.

And, Chimwenu Community Club member Ms Sharon Lubumbe thanked Solwezi Municipal Council for the guidance and skills rendered to ensure that the club has its second share out.

Solwezi Municipal Council is committed to providing technical guidance and offer more skills training programs to community clubs with a view of encouraging more women participation in income generating activities in view of reducing poverty at household level.