Solwezi: Rejected love proposal sends man to morgue

 Solwezi: Rejected love proposal sends man to morgue

A-29-year-old man of Kapapilo village in Chief Kapijimpanga’s area in Solwezi has committed suicide after his love proposal was rejected by targeted love.

Chipipa Chali is believed to have taken an insecticide known as Rogor and died on the spot at Manyama market in Kalumbila district around 20:00 hours last night.

Mr Chali had trekked to Kalumbila to meet his crush.

Northwestern Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi has confirmed the incident.

Mr Chushi said police had recorded case of Sudden and Unnatural Death which occurred on November 25, 2020 around 20:00 hrs at Manyama Market area in Lumwana in which Mr Chali took insecticide known as Rogor and died on the spot.

He said Mr Chushi earlier attempted to strangle the lady identified as Kukeng’a Mulozela 23, who was only saved by passersby after she turned down the proposal to be his girlfriend.

“Details of the report state that he proposed Ms Mulozela but after she refused to become his girlfriend, Mr Chali became furious and attempted to strangle her but she was saved by passersby,” Mr Chushi said.

The Provincial Police Chief said the irate man was then seen taking some stuff which was later discovered at the scene beside his dead body and later came to be known as Rogor, a poisonous insecticide.

Mr Chushi said that the body of the Mr Chali is the mortuary at Lumwana District hospital awaiting burial/ZANIS.

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