Solwezi DC hails the media

 Solwezi DC hails the media


Solwezi District Commissioner Tradeson Tiki Mulofwa has expressed gratitude to the media in Solwezi for the role they play to social economic development.

Speaking during kabangabang radio open day Mr Mulofwa said the media plays a very important role in various developmental activities and helping government in reaching out to the Masses.

“I want to commend the media for their role they played in charging government in 2021 had it not for the media the Victory and the changing government was going to be a challenge. We shall always give respect to the Media and it’s personnel’s because they are opinion influencers and they help people to make good decisions and foster social economic development in Solwezi,” he said.

Mr Mulofwa also commended radio Kabangabang radio for its winder coverage in the Province and incorperating the local people in their programming.

He said Government will support the media and Kabangabang radio, he also pledged two bicycles to Kabangabang radio.

Mr Mulofwa also urged the Kabangabang radio to remain objective in your reporting and coverage.