Solwezi Council warns against illegal markets formation

 Solwezi Council warns against illegal markets formation
Solwezi Municipal Council has warmed Solwezi residents on the the illegal formation of Markets and allocation of Market stands.
This is against provisions of the Local Government Act No. 2 of 2019 and the Markets and Bus Stations Act of 2007.
Speaking during an inspection conducted today in Muzabula A by Council Officials and State Police, Solwezi Municipal Council Markets Manager Chilufya Kapala said that it is illegal to establish markets as it is only the Local Authority that is mandated to do so.
He said it has been discovered that some community members in Muzabula A have been allocating Market stands at a cost of K20.00 and K1,000.00 for a shop per person.
Mr Kapakala said they is need for community members to follow the correct procedure in acquiring land for Markets or Bus Stations to avoid land disputes among other challenges that come with such illegal activities.
He urged community member in Muzabula to engage their area Councillor though whom various amenities such as markets among others can be legally established.
Mr Kapakala also said that the Local Authority is aware of the challenges being faced by the community in accessing the market facilities, however the Council has commenced the opening up of roads in the area and is committed to ensuring that various amenities are brought closer to the people.
Meanwhile, Council Chief Settlement Officer Ms Rosaria Nkonda said that the Market the community in Muzabula had established is sitting in a residential area which is not enough to accommodate the requirements of a market establishment.
Ms Nkonda also said that no one is allowed to form Market committees as well as collect money from anyone without Councils approval which is the only authority mandated to do so.

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