Solwezi Council trains Council Police at Kamfisa School of public order

 Solwezi Council trains Council Police at Kamfisa School of public order

Solwezi Municipal Council has trained Twelve Council Police officers at Kamfinsa School of Public Order Maintenance in an effort to enhance service provision and ensure law and order continues.

Speaking during the pass out ceremony last, Kamfinsa Training Officer Ruth Mwindula has commended Solwezi and Kalulushi Municipal Council for sending Council Police Officers.

She said the council police have acquired more knowledge that will enable the Municipalities improve service delivery in their respective districts.

Ms Mwindula said that the training was successful as the officers performed well in courses such as Basic Police duties, General hints on Investigation, Emergence Situation, Code of Ethics for Public Service, Gender Based Violence, VSU and Gender, Court Procedure, Filed Craft.

Other courses were Foot Drill, Communication Skills, Basic Criminal Law, Human Rights and Introduction to Evidence.

She is confident that the Municipalities will be able to notice the difference between the before and after training because a trained Security Officer is an asset to an institution than a Security Officer with no knowledge.

Ms Mwindula urged the Officers to put to good use all the knowledge they have acquired as heavy responsibilities lay ahead of them in their various duties.

And speaking on behalf of the Municipalities, Solwezi Municipal Council Director Human Resource and Administration Robbie Chitambo said that the training of Council Police Officers is timely as the implementation of devolution entails more responsibilities for the Local Authorities.

Mr Chitambo said that the Local Authority is committed to sending more Council Security Officers to Kamfinsa School of Public Order Maintenance to be equipped with knowledge.

He urged the trained officers to be vigilant by setting an example to other officers because Council Management and the residents are eager to appreciate and benefit from the knowledge their have acquired during the training.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.