Solwezi Council takes over markets

 Solwezi Council takes over  markets


Solwezi Municipal Council has take over Markets and Stations as per directive.

This Follows a directive from the Ministry of Local Government for Local Authorities in the country to take over management of Markets and Bus Stations according to the Markets and Bus Stations Act.

Solwezi Council held an engagement meeting with Markets and Bus Station committees to inform them on the new directive.

Speaking during the meeting, Acting Director Housing and Social Services Evelyn Phiri said that it had been observed that booth owners and traders were being exploited by unknown individuals who were collecting fees which the Local Authority does not charge.

Ms Phiri said that the stakeholder engagement is important because the various committees are critical in the dissemination of information on the directive for traders and booth owners to not pay any fees to unknown individual other than the siting fee and business permits levy to the Council.

She said that the Council will work with Council Police, Revenue Collectors and Market Masters in Markets and Bus Stations to efficiently manage the collection of revenue as well as deter exploitation of booth owners and traders.

Ms Phiri is delighted that the booth owners and traders have welcomed the directive by the Ministry of Local Government for smooth running of Markets and Bus Stations.

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