Solwezi Council calls for orderly booths

 Solwezi Council calls for orderly booths

Solwezi Municipal Council has told Booth owners in the Central Business District (CBD) to remove makeshift Booths by 31, March 2022.

Solwezi Town Clerk Robbie Chitambo said that booths are mounted in an uncoordinated manner and not to the standard are slowly creating an eyesore in Town Center.

“Following the increase in the number of booth in the district, Solwezi Municipal Council is committed to providing an environment for both offering Banking and communication facilities to Solwezi residents.

“The Mandate to coordinate public streets and order lies within our mandate as the local Authority. Pursuant to section 16(2) of the Local Government Act No.2 of 2019 of the laws of Zambia,” he said.

Mr Chitambo said that in order preserve the aesthetics in the district; all booths must be standardized to conform to specification provided for by the service provider (Airtel MTN, Zamtel, Zoona, and Zanaco).

He said that booths must carry a uniform colour and those that are damaged or faded must be removed.

Mr Chitambo also said all booths must be registered with the council providing details of the proposed location.

The Municipality has appealed to booth owner to cooperate in order to avoid inconveniences.