Socialism is the way to go-ANDD

 Socialism is the way to go-ANDD

Advocates for National Democracy and Development (ANDD) say socialism is the way to go because capitalism has not done Zambia any better.

ANDD Executive Director, Samuel Banda said that capitalism has only perpetuated imperialism and abuse of the country’s wealth.

Mr Banda said that Zambia which once had mineral resources and a vast industrial infrastructure has not yielded any tangible benefits from that resource apart from the devastating effects of privatisation which was brought about by capitalism.

“Zambia whose industrial success can be attributed to Dr Kenneth Kaunda socialist approach has unfortunately been destroyed by the coming of capitalism. Dr Kaunda built infrastructure and a strong industrial backbone which only crumbled at the hands of the imperialists who were embraced by capitalists” he notes with a call for a change of approach,” he said.

And, Mr Banda has since commended Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe for his socialist approach.

He said that Zambia needs to embrace such type of a trajectory to get out of the socioeconomic challenges been faced in the country currently.