Social media dramatist was drunk, seeking attention-Police

 Social media dramatist was drunk, seeking attention-Police

Zambia Police have refuted clams on a social media post of a woman been assaulted alleging that she did not receive help from police officers after reporting a case of assault.

The police are making follow ups on the allegations and are categorically stating that at no point did Ms Andika Nalishua report a matter of assault to police but that it is her husband who went to seek help from the police.

Ms Katongo said there was nothing sinister in the manner the police officers handled the matter as alleged by Ms Nalishua.

She said the allegation that police handed the children to Brian Nalishua the husband, the correct position is that the children themselves opted to go with their father out of their own free will.

Ms Katongo said Mr Nalishua reported to the police that his wife was in a drunken, violent and using abusive language in the presence of their children thereby traumatizing them.

She said Police officers followed up the report and picked Ms Nalishuwa who was found in a drunken state and was found with a cut on the forehead.

Ms Katongo said the husband purported that the cut was sustained after hitting herself against the wall of the of their house.

She said Officers wanted to issue Ms Nalishua with a medical report form but she could not cooperate with the police and refused a medical report form issued to her.

Ms Kat0ngo said she demanded that she be taken back home using a Police vehicle and police officers advised Mr Nalishuwa to look for alternative accommodation for that night.

“In conducting our constitutional mandate, we request that members of the public cooperate with the officers who are there to serve them rather than abusing them or publishing unsubstantiated matters aimed at eroding people’s confidence in the institution,” she said.

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