Skyways councillor worried over illegal land allocations

 Skyways councillor worried over illegal land allocations

Opposition Patriotic front skyways ward councillor in Ndola Febian Mwanza has described the illegal sharing of land by some alleged UPND cadres in his ward as unfortunate.

Mr Mwanza said that it is unfortunate that some suspected UPND cadres are taking law in their own hands without the involvement of the local authority.

He said that for the last five years he has served as Skyways ward area councillor in the previous regime (PF) no person has been involved in sharing the old Masala cemetery.

“Suspected UPND Political cadres should respect President Hakainde Hichilema denouncement of caderism, for the last five years I have served as area councillor in Skyways ward under the PF administration, I have never seen or heard of people sharing land amongst themselves without involving Ndola City Council,” He said.

Mr Mwanza said that If this is the way people in Masala are going to live in Masala then it is very unfortunate.

He has since warned suspected UPND cadres to desist from such illegal acts and instead involve the local authorities when dealing with land.