Simwaba launches his campaign

 Simwaba launches his campaign

PF’s Kasala ward candidate Martin Simwaba has today launched the ward campaigns, ahead of the general elections in August.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Simwaba said his agenda is to help alleviate poverty in the ward and beyond.
He said that giving handouts as empowerment does not help in alleviating poverty, but initiatives like fish farming and brick making will be encouraged.

“Recently they are a lot of cooperatives, with little or nothing that why in Kasala ward I have decided to only have one cooperative and choose capable leaders to head the cooperative to success, this cooperative will embody every Kasala resident, for this reason, the cooperative will be funded ” he said.

Mr Simwaba said all the empowerment programs that have been initiated by him will be actualized.

“I want to form funerals committee in the ward, so that the burden is lessened on the bereaved, we will ensure that the ward has its own tents so avoid always going to constituency offices to seek heart, I have the residents of Kasala at heart,” he said.

Mr Simwaba said that if his promises are not fulfilled, residents should not fail to hold him accountable.

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