‘Silent’ MPs are wasting taxpayers money

 ‘Silent’ MPs are wasting taxpayers money

Dear Editor,
What are silent members of Parliament doing in Parliament you are wasting taxpayers money and do not deserve to be in that house.

It was very shocking for me to hear that they are silent MPs in our parliament who do not debate issues.

I was following deliberations from TV yesterday where at some point speaker Catherine Namugala explained to Members of Parliament that the reason she allowed debates, if I got her context right, from members via video was because they were some silent MPs in the house who do not debate.

Hearing those words from Honourable Namugala really shocked me and I am still shocked up to now, as a matter of fact, I am worried and now wondering the caliber of some of these individuals Zambians vote for as MPs.

I would have loved if the chair had mentioned those MPs who do not debate issues but just sit and listen to their colleagues so that people know them.

Dear Honourable MPs who just warm parliamentary benches, and drink water or coffee, I mean you don’t even deserve to be called Honourable because you are not doing anything in that August house.

Please to be honest with you, I am sure you know yourselves, if you cannot participate in any debates which takes place in the house, kindly take note that you are failures because you are not doing what the people elected you for.

As a matter of fact, you are stealing from your electorates because if you cannot debate, the reason you were elected for, what the hell are you doing in that house?

How I wish parliament had a way of punishing such kind of MPs.

If anything, I think parliament should not be paying allowances to ‘silent’ MPs because they do not deserve it.

They are wasting taxpayers money period!

This is also an eye-opener to the electorates that in 2021, let us scrutinize and check the caliber of these individuals we want to send to parliament as our representatives because if we send people there who just sit, who are they representing?

Honestly speaking, I am perplexed to hear the speaker that we have MPs in Parliament who do not debate issues.

This is why some constituencies are underdeveloped because of having mute MPs.

Pull up your socks bwana MP and stop sitting idle otherwise you are not doing your job.

Francis Chipalo -Lusaka

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