She wanted to use sex to extort K500, Chingola court hears

‘She wanted to use sex to extort K500 from one of my workers,’ a defence witness has told the Chingola Magistrate court.

This is in a matter where Kelly Shawa 36, of plot 1439 Green Box Buyatashi area is facing one count of burglary and theft contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

However, Shawa’s boss has come to his aid saying the defendant had demanded for K500 from Shawa after sex but Shawa said he didn’t have.

Particulars of the offence are that Shawa on October 17, 2020 willfully but unlawful broke into the house of Ann Nkonge and stole a blanket, bed sheets and a dress all worth K1, 935.

And in anger, Ms Nkonge threatened Shawa with theft of the aforementioned which she proceeded to do.

Nelly Musonda 53, said he had an idea of the affair between the two.

“My worker did not steal from the defendant but the defendant wanted to use sex to extort K500 from my worker,” Ms Musonda said.

When the matter came up for continued defense before Magistrate Shadrick Chanda, she told the court that on the fateful day she received a phone call from Nkonge’s maid who said that her boss’s house was broken into by Shawa.

She drove to her tenant’s house and found people outside and Shawa was in the midst with the stolen properties.

Upon inquiring from Shawa he denied and explained that Ms Nkonge the same night had sex with him and demanded for K500 or implicate him that he stole from her.

According to Ms Musonda the following day when she went to talk to Ms Nkonge over the issue she told her that Shawa can’t sleep with her on her blankets he needed to pay her K500 or she pays k300 on his behalf which she refused.

Ms Musonda said that when she refused to pay for Shawa she advised Ms Nkonge to go to the police that is how the matter was reported.

Magistrate Chanda has since adjourned the matter to February 9, 2020 for judgment.


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