Sewer lines to be worked on in Chabanyama-Councillor

 Sewer lines to be worked on in Chabanyama-Councillor

Chabanyama ward Councillor Moses Lungu says he has managed to reduce the flowing sewers at residents house hold.

Mr Lungu said that the project has been done in collaboration with Mulonga water and Supply Company.

He said that the sewer system has been a challenge to the residence of Chabanyama for the past 1 year and the passerby between Lukulu and Chinyungu road along Mchinga road as it was flowing in the open due to the blockage.

Mr Lungu has also worked on the sewer within the market which was a hygiene concern for the past 5 months to traders and bar owner.

He said he has also talked to Mulonga to conduct a check once in a while to ensure that to the sewer which has been a regular issue is not vandalized again.

Mr Lungu said the project that was stalled of changing the main sewer pipes from Tadizane all the way to Coaster Township has resumed and the contractor is on site.

Meanwhile the Councilor has also put up market committee at Chabanyama market which didn’t have a full committee for the past 5 years.

He said that another committee will be formed at two Kalis by next week and ensure that the Borehole is suck at two Kalis for public use.

Mr Lungu said he will ensure that tree planting along Chiwempala road from United Church to Chabanyama School is done.

He said in the next few months the issues of empowerment and education sponsorship resume.

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