Sewer effluents flood Chingola’s Mikiloni

 Sewer effluents flood Chingola’s Mikiloni

The residents of Chingola’s Mikiloni in SNDP says the sewer effluent has left several homes in sorry site in the area.

Mikiloni resident Justin Yule said the sewer discharge has left maggots in several homes posing a health hazard in the area.

Mr Yule said the sewer discharge is an impending danger to the residents who live in an unhealthy environment.

He said the onset of the rains, the outbreak of diarrhea disease is imminent.

Mr Yule has called on Mulonga Water Supply and Sanitation Company to quickly find a solution to the problem.

And Mulonga Water Acting Public Relations Manager Bright Mtonga has confirmed that the situation is bad in Mikiloni.

Mr Mtongo said 21 inch concrete sewer pipe is in bad shape and keeps on failing.

He said the utility firm in the interim would be constantly maintaining and monitoring the pipe but for long term measure, the pipe would be replaced.

He said that by coincidence there is a contractor already working SNDP and Mulonga Water would simply direct the contractor to prioritize SNDP.

Mr Mtonga said the sewer is being discharged in somewhere else where Mikiloni is being affected by the same discharge due to proximity.


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