Senior Chief Ndungu the 9th installed

 Senior Chief Ndungu the 9th installed

Chief Chinyama Ngundu has been installed as Senior Chief Ndungu the 9th of the Luvale speaking people in Zambezi District.

Chief Chinyama Ngundu was on September 12, installed Senior Chief Ndungu following the demise of Senior Chief Ndungu the 8th.

The new Senior Chief Ndungu was installed by his mother Chief Kucheka in the presence of other sub chiefs, senior village heads, the care taker chief Fumbelo Patrick and the village heads representing Mize, Ndungu, Kaula and Ndungu Kapako.

“I want to take this opportunity to inform all the Vakachinyama, Chamukwamayi in Angola, DR Congo, Namibia and all parts of Zambia, Vakachinyama, Chamukwamayi including all the Luchazis, Mbundas, Chokwes, Luvales that Chief Chinyama Ngundu has been crowned and installed as a senior chief Ndungu the 9th following the dimise of late snr chief ndungu the 8th in January this year,” Chief Kucheka said.

The new senior chief was installed in his Mize Royal Palace as per traditional, which says that the chief has to be installed in a royal palace not outside the palace and the chiefdom family tree of the chief to be installed considered by the royal family and the chief to be installed has to be born from a female chief.

Since Luvale chiefs are matrilineal lineage only and the chief clan is Namakungu.

After his installation the new senior Chief Ndungu the 9th assured all the people that he will rule and work with everyone including all those who opposed him, and to work with all the god given chiefs in Zambezi district which he said that Zambezi is one and all chiefs in the district are one family.

He also told the people that he will continue to work with the government of the day in order to foster the much needed development in his chiefdom.

He is much ready to work with all other peace loving traditional leaders in Zambezi district in North Western Province and the national at large, to promote unit of purpose, and peaceful coexistence in order to fight tribalism in areas.

And the caretaker Chief, Fumbelo Patrick Ngambela advised all the Vakachinyama to remain united even following the installation of a new snr chief Ndungu the 8th.


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