Senior Chief Chiwala commends Govt for Growth of industries in the area

 Senior Chief Chiwala commends Govt for Growth of industries in the area

His Royal Highness Senior Chief Chiwala of the Lamba speaking people of Masaiti District says that his chiefdom has witnessed the growth of Industries in the area under PF government.

Chief Chiwala said that people in his chiefdom has welcomed the developmental agenda that had been rolled out by the PF government under the leadership of President Lungu.

He was Speaking yesterday at his palace when the Vice-President Mrs Inonge Wina paid a courtesy call on him.

Senior Chief Chiwala said the people in his chiefdom has not taken lightly the various developments in the area.

“I must state that we have worked with the PF government very well and the industrial development in our area is because my people have welcomed the developmental agenda by PF government which is benefiting them today,” he said.

He said that his subjects were ready to relocate from some places which had been identified as potential industrial area where more industries are to be built.

Chief Chiwala said the people understood the value of such development hence they had accepted the industries as their own and were guarding them jealously for the sake of their future as a community.

He said the area had also experienced rapid population growth because of other people who were moving to the area in search of greener pastures due to the increase in job opportunities from the industries.

The traditional leader has however bemoaned that some projects like the road networking system and construction of the new district administration offices in the area had been lagging for far too long.

And the Vice-President assured the traditional leader that the ruling Patriotic Front government cared for the people of Masaiti and was always working towards improving their livelihoods.

“Your chiefdom is blessed with so much natural resources which when harnessed very well will benefit not just Masaiti but Zambia as a whole,” she said.

Mrs Wina said that the PF had come up with a party manifesto which outlines what the party in power would do to ensure effective harnessing of natural resources in the area and getting Zambians involved in the implementation.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.