Sendama encourages persons with disabilities to utilize CDF

 Sendama encourages persons with disabilities to utilize CDF

By Staff Writer
Chibombo Town Council (CTC) Secretary, Gilbert Sendama has urged persons living with disabilities to take advantage of Constituency Development funds (CDF) to better their lives.

Speaking at the Public Dialogue Forum held at Council Conference Guest House, Mr Sendama encouraged people with disabilities to make themselves visible and available for any projects in the community.

He also emphasized that the local authority is committed to providing an enabling environment for people with disabilities in order for them to move and interact freely.

And Zambia Federation of Disabilities Organisations (ZAFOD) Federal Director, Justin Bbakali has called for government and society to include people with disabilities.

Mr Bbakali said that there is the need for society to integrate with persons with disabilities as opposed to excluding them from social activities such as volunteer work.

“Government should offer persons with disabilities the same opportunities as able bodied people because they are capable of delivering value when they are called upon,” he said.

Mr Bbakali  also thanked Chibombo Town Council civic leaders for their overwhelming response and in supporting the promotion of rights of people living with disabilities.