Sekela ward councilor to work with the residents

 Sekela ward councilor to work with the residents

UPND Sekela Ward Councillor

UPND Sekela ward Councillor elect Richard Kabwe says that all the campaign promises that he made will be worked on in due time.

Mr Kabwe said that the ward has been experiencing historical challenges of erratic water supply and sewer line problems

He says erratic water supply is one of the major issues that will be worked on.

The Councillor also said that the water utility company should inform the people of what has led to shortage of water in the ward for many years.

Mr Kabwe said that he will be a servant of the people because that is one way development is guaranteed.

“I will engage Mulonga water supply and Sanitation Company limited so that they work on water pipes in the areas. We are not sure of how safe the water is that the residents have been fetching, and mong the issues that I want to address is the impassable access roads in the ward, I am sure that while working with Nchanga Member of Parliament elect, these issues will be a thing of the past,” he said.

Mr Kabwe said that residents of Sekela ward will be given a designated place to dispose off waste, hence it will be easier for the Council to collect garbage, unlike disposing off garbage carelessly.

Mr Kabwe has since thanked the residents of Sekela ward for voting for him and the UPND, adding that the residents will not be disappointed by the new party in power.