Seed Certification Institute targets EU Market

 Seed Certification Institute targets EU Market

 The Seed Control and Certification Institute (SCC) are in the process of acquiring the European Union Seed Compliance to enable seed companies export seed to the EU.

SCCI Acting Director Francisco Miti says the institute has received a lot of requests from Seed companies who want to break into the EU seed market and is currently pursuing the process of becoming EU seed Compliant.

Dr Miti said Zambia produces seed according to international testing standards and is one of the leading producers in Africa producing over 80,000 metric tons of maize seed every year.

He said the country is number one in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region and number two in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

“Over 65,000 hectares are registered every year for seed production and the institute inspects the seeds at every level to ensure compliance to international seed testing standards,” he said.

Dr Miti also appealed to seed companies to consider growing other types of seed other than maize if they are to complete favorably on the international market.

He said that out of the 9 hundred and 65 listed seed varieties in Zambia, 3 hundred and 9 are maize varieties which are released every year by the variety release committee for production.