Secure graveyard land, Chingola Council told

 Secure graveyard land, Chingola Council told

Buntungwa PF Ward Councillor Soko Mumba is unhappy that Chingola Municipal Council has not set aside burial site in all its land allocation.

Mr Mumba said the council should have set aside burial site instead of concentrating on allocating residential plots alone.

Mr Mumba raised the concern during a full Council Meeting that the district will soon run out of land and most burial sites are almost full.

He said Councilors will be considered to be irresponsible by the members of the community for not securing the land for burial site.

Mr Mumba appealed to council management to table this matter in the next Council meeting.

He said that for the past five years, the council has been focusing on the land to do with other projects leaving out land for burying people.

“Very soon people will have nowhere to bury their beloved ones and they will come back to ask us what we have been doing. This is not just my concern but a source of worry to the residents of Chingola,” he said.

And Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said that the point raised is cardinal and needs serious intervention from management.

Mr Tembo said the issue at hand is that people are encroaching on burial sites without the knowledge of the council.

He told the Council Management to put beacons on the burial sites so that those building illegally will be dealt with.

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