SDA in Kitwe burries 18 unclaimed bodies


Nkana Member of Parliament Alexander Chiteme has commended the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) Church in Kitwe for burying 18 unclaimed bodies that have been laying at Kitwe Hospital mortuary for a month.

And Mr Chiteme has urged other churches and the Dorcas mothers from other locations in the country to emulate what the Dorcas mother’s in Kitwe have done.

Mr Chiteme said what the Dorcas mothers had done is a true indication of how a real Christian should which touches others.

Speaking during the burial of 18 unclaimed bodies at Kitwe’s Chingola road cementary yesterday by the Kitwe North Mission District Dorcas Community Service, Mr Chiteme said Christianity is not only demonstrated in payer but through good deeds or actions such as burying the unclaimed bodies.

Mr Chiteme said he is concerned that the people have lost morals like the situation witnessed where the dead cannot be claimed in this time and era.

Mr Chiteme who is also Minister of National Planning emphasized that government cannot work alone without the input if the church.

Speaking earlier Evangelist Patrick Luapula wondered how Zambian family values have deteriorated to levels where loved ones have left one in hospital mortuaries.

Evangelist Luapula noted that it is unfortunate that relatives has distanced themselves from burying their loved ones because they can’t afford to bury them hence they situation of having unclaimed bodies.

He said there is need for Zambians to consider and love one another with good words adding that the church in Kitwe has been provoked by the love of humanity hence the move.

“We need as a country to love one another and appreciate each other. It is unfortunate that people have distanced themselves to such situations of helping one another,” he added.

Meanwhile Kitwe North Mission District Dorcas Community Service President Constance Hanantonga said encouraged Dorcas to continue with community service in the district.

She disclosed that over K15,000 was spent towards the exercise.

The Dorcas mothers where joined by Members of the SDA youth movement Catholic church and the United Church of Zambia women.

Among those buried one was female with the rest being males