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Dear Editor,

I would like to thank both Zambia Police and the Road Safety and Transport Agency (RTSA) for their professional and user friendly patrols during the festive period.

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Although I am not a Police spokesperson, I would like to commend RTSA and Zambia Police for a professional and user friendly patrols that were conducted during the just ended festivals.

Despite having good roads people remained very relaxed at their drinking places enjoying their time unlike in the past when we had bad roads RTSA and Police conducted their patrols like in a battle field instilling fear in the travelling public.

I do not have statistics from the police but reading the mood of most drivers during that period they were happy.

RTSA and Zambia Police please maintain this new born transformation of treating the travelling public as part of the team.

My focus is regard to Chingola my home town.

Big Joe (John Mupeta)