Saboi Imboela is courageous, focused and confident

 Saboi Imboela is courageous, focused and confident

…say NO to nonagenarian politics

Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate Saboi Imboela for being adopted as the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Lusaka Mayoral candidate.

My own independent view and position is that, Saboi has the courage, confidence, focus and brevity to move forward the city.

You always pull surprises and even in this case, I don’t doubt you. Well done for joining the race.

To my fellow youths, we need to end this politics of madness and mediocre in our Golden Jubilee generation especially that we are 53 years after Independence.

I want to tell youths of nation that we must take up most of the elective positions by 2021 by fielding the youths.

Our political parties erroneously and corruptly adopts old, tired, recycled and rich candidates to our disadvantage just because most youths don’t have the money which these most criminals called the adoption committees demand.

Why commensurate adoption process?

There is need to include a piece of legislation in the electoral code and constitution to bar anyone reported to have been adopted by such a political formation via bribing.

All of our parties had this horrible practice in 2016 and that’s why we have very deep rooted cancer of corruption in our Government and governance ranks and files.

Allow me to discriminatory and positively congratulate the UPPZ and NDC for fielding very youthful and vibrant candidates.

This is what we have long expected as youths who have intently passion for service.

Friends, let’s change the way politics are conducted in our youthful nation.

In 2021, all the political parties that want to win election must move in the UPPZ and NDC direction or else we are designing a strategy to decamping all nonagenarian kangaroo political prostitutes.

Vote for individuals in a party, and not a party with a wrong candidate.

Is it a party which pushes things to work or it’s a person elected who pushes?

Chikobo Ward Councillor
Reagan Ronald Mubatsa

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