SA police investigating suspected murder of a Zambian

 SA police investigating suspected murder of a Zambian

South African Police are investigating a case of suspected murder involving a Zambian national.

Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba confirmed that a Zambian national living in South Africa identified as Dickson Mailoni Kakoma of Pretoria, died in the early hours of Sunday morning.

He is believed to have been pushed from a flat on the 6th floor in Sunnyside area in Pretoria.

Mr Mwamba said that information gathered so far showed that after a night drinking with his friends, Mr Kakoma decided to visit his girlfriend, also a Zambian national at the said flat in the early hours of Sunday.

Police are investigating circumstances that led to Mr Kakoma to fall from the sixth floor.

The girlfriend has given a police report that she was not at home and was working in a night shift, when the tragic incident happened at her place.

The funeral is being held in Pretoria and details regarding repatriation of Mr Kakoma’s remains to Livingstone, will be released later.

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