Runner Siame digests Olympics exit

 Runner Siame digests Olympics exit

By Mercy Chewe
Zambian sprinter Sydney Siame is disappointed over his early exit from the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Runner Siame was eliminated from the Olympics on Tuesday after clocking 21.01seconds in Men’s 200m to finish fourth in Heat 4.

“Failing to proceed to the next round it’s something which is so painful, but when I look back to the things that have gone through it takes someone who’s mentally strong to overcome,” Siame posted on facebook.

 “One of the worst seasons ever in my athletics career,” he added.

Fellow runner Rhoda Njobvu’s Olympics campaign ended on Monday when she finished fourth in Heat 4 of the women’s 200m race after clocking 23.33 seconds.

“I will remain proud of myself, I won’t give up, I still have the duty to pave the way and show young Zambian athletes that it’s possible,” Siame stated.

“It’s a matter of getting back to the drawing board and coming back stronger for the 2022 season.”

Siame made his name back in 2014 when he crossed the 100m line in 10.56 seconds at the Youth Olympic Games.

He is the national 100m and 200m record holder.

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