Rumors of selling Kawambwa Tea Causing Tension- Chief Munkanta

 Rumors of selling Kawambwa Tea Causing Tension- Chief Munkanta

Chief Munkanta of the Chishinga people in Kawambwa has expressed concern over rumors circulating in the area regarding the purported sale of Kawambwa Tea Company.

Chief Munkanta says he is worried that if left unchecked, the continued rumors of the purported sale of Kawambwa Tea may trigger tension in the area.

Chief Munkanta said in an interview that the rumors which started on social media alleging that the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has put the tea firm up for sell have caused panic among the workers and general public.

The traditional leader explains that since the rumors started, he has been receiving people to inquire on the matter while others have accused him of backing the move to sell the company.

The Chief has since appealed to IDC to immediately address the matter with the workers and members of the general public to avoid unnecessary speculations.

The traditional leader said the reports have been received with mixed feelings by the people of Kawambwa considering the troubled history of Kawambwa Tea Company.

He says some of the workers especially those owed money by IDC, fear that they may lose jobs and money in the sale process.

The traditional leader who has since written IDC on the matter, has called on the body to allay fears of the purported sell by providing clarity and an affirmed position on the matter.

He has since called on the people to exercise patience while the matter is being handled by the authorities.

Chief Munkanta has, however, commended government for the current transformation of Kawambwa Tea Company under the management of the Zambia Forests and Forestry Industries Corporation (ZAFFICO).

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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