RTSA, Zambia Police are only interested in collecting money

 RTSA, Zambia Police are only interested in collecting money

Dear Editor,

I’m a commuter between Chingola and Kalulushi every day and this truck you see in the picture has been on the middle of the road for the past two weeks now.

It got broken and there is no help that is coming either from Zambia Police or Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to remove it from the middle of the road.

It is causing serious obstruction and traffic congestion between Sabina and Kalulushi.

Both Traffic police and RTSA seem not be interested because there is no monitory gain in removing that obstruction but if they can find me parked wrongly for 30 seconds, definitely an insurmountable fine will be slapped on me.

Is this country only interested in fines and not correcting the situation on the roads?

RTSA is busier mounting cameras in order to collect fines instead of smoothening traffic.

Zambia Police is only interested in checking for tyres and discs just to ensure that they levy something on the road but pay a blind eye to this serious obstruction on the road.

Both RTSA and Zambia Police if they are the ones responsible to remove this obstruction then they are a shame. If something bad will happen, they should not claim innocence.


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