Roman Reigns returns to WWE

 Roman Reigns returns to WWE

Joe” Anoaʻi popularly known as Roman Reigns this morning on Raw made a shocking update to the WWE Universe.

Reigns who had in October last year relinquished his WWE Universal due to Leukaemia, this morning made a shocking update on his fitness when he said ‘the Big Dog is back.’

Wearing a black vest with wrtitngs, ‘ We fight, we overcome’ the most liked Wrestler was emotionally on Monday Raw of the WWE brands.

His mother was among the universe as many shouted ‘don’t go back.’

Reigns who was met on his way out by one of the Shiled members Seth Rollins, thanked the universe for the best wishes.

There was no immediate match ups made or whether he will be at the Wrestiamania but after he left Baron Corbin poked his nose into Reigns illness.

He said what he was going through was more than Reigns fighting with leukaemia.

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