Roan Bridge reconstructed

 Roan Bridge reconstructed

Roan bridge in Luanshya has been re-constructed to prevent the crisis which is caused by the over flowing waters during the rainy season.

Some addition culverts have been installed in order to broaden the water passage parts of the bridge averting the perennial water blockages at the pick of the rainy season.

Luanshya Mayor Charles Mulenga has commended Luanshya Copper Mines LCM and 15 MCC for financing the project.

Mr Mulenga who was accompanied by Luanshya District Commissioner Onesmus N`gonomo toured the construction site and expressed satisfaction with the works being done by LCM and 15 MCC.

The Mayor Mulenga was happy that Roan Bridge being worked on with much efforts coming from Luanshya copper mines and 15 MCC through their corporate social responsibility CSR.

He said the bridge is an important route linking to most parts of Luanshya such as Roan, Mpatamatu and Kawama among other places in the district.

Mr Mulenga said the bridge has been a source of concern in the rainy season as it gets flooded making it impassable for vehicles and other road users.

And Luanshya DC Mr N`gonomo has commended the partnership between Luanshya Copper Mines, 15 MCC and the Municipality saying it’s not everything that should be left to the government.

Mr. N`gonomo said the issue of roads has been a source of concern for many years and the works going on now are going to save the district for years.

He has urged the residents of Luanshya to appreciate the works being done and take ownership of the infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Luanshya Copper Mines Chief Executive Officer Wang Jingjun says it is their privilege through the Municipality to work for the people of Luanshya by rehabilitating the bridge and other infrastructure to better the outlook of the district.

This is contained in a statement issued by Luanshya Municipal Council

Public Relations Officer Eunice Lesa

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